Tips For Opening A New Bike Shop

Start Your Own Bike Shop

There could never be a better time to start a bike shop rather than now. Thought the industry could be facing some challenges due to the evolution of the digital age, more and more people are getting into the sport of cycling, mainly for the health benefits. People in the cycling world believe and dream of working with bikes day in and day out. It is a passion that sets them apart from the rest of the world. If you are one of those cycling fanatics who is looking to start a bike shop, then this is the right time to do it.

Interior of a bike shop brightly lit up using microtek UPS solutions

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Owning a bike shop may be a simple task, but it is not easy. You can take some clues from You should consider a lot of parameters when you are setting up a bike shop on your own. This may often even include the wide range of UPS and Inverters that you may need for the store.

Points to Consider before starting your shop

  • Get some business training that will educate you about the cycle industry to the extent that you will be able to answer all the related questions that a customer could ask you.
  • Make a comprehensive business plan. You need to study the potential customers, target market, investment, expenses, etc. and get a financial forecast as well.
  • Create a brand and a logo that will add value to the public representation of your business.
  • In the initial phase, forget about competing with online firms. Focus on your physical brick and mortar store which can deliver the best after sales service, making customers happy.
  • It’s better to hire new staff and train them rather than take an experienced one and pay them right through your pocket.

Starting your shop

Aisle in a bike store with power backup solutions

  • Every customer is essential immaterial of whether they are buying a product from you or not. If you treat them right, they are likely to purchase or recommend someone else to buy from your store.
  • You will need a payment backup method in case the card machine does not work.
  • There should be a dependent stock control system in place. You should keep stock of both relevant pieces and fresh ones.
  • You will always need more space then what you waiting you will require. So still go for a slightly bigger area.
  • You can consider the option of installing shutters as they give you better protection to your store.
  • A proper marketing plan is essential so that people living in the location are aware that there is a cyclic shop that is available around the corner.
  • Parking is also another area which you should consider when you are opening a cycle shop. Remember that customers look at advocate park in options as they decide on a store to buy.

In addition to the points mentioned above, you need to be sure of the location in which you are setting up the shop and understand the mindset of customers in that area.

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