A Wooden Bike Has More Good To It That What You Have Heard About!

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Nowadays, bicycles are usually made of aluminium, carbon fibre, titanium, steel, etc. But there was a time when bicycles were made of wood. Recently, wooden bikes have made a comeback owing to the need for lightweight bikes in races. Hardwoods like walnut, ash, etc. are commonly used by wooden bike manufacturers. The sustainability and eco-friendliness of wood are what make wooden bikes preferred by many.

How are wooden bikes made?
As already mentioned, the concept of wooden bikes is not a new one. Wooden cycles were widely used by professionals till 1980s. Even the rims of bicycles were made of wood during those days. The concept remains the same, while the machinery and new technology available nowadays make the process faster and efficient. The availability of powerful adhesives has also helped in improving the manufacturing procedure.

The frames of wooden bikes are usually hand made with extra care taken for the designing of each feature. Only high-quality wood is used for this purpose, those which are found unfit are straightaway eliminated. They are made following the quality norms which are similar to that of steel rack manufacturers and hence there would not be any compromise on strength and durability. The making process is followed by quality testing to make sure that the frames are fit for use. You can read more about cycle frames at https://www.cyclingabout.com/understanding-bicycle-frame-geometry/

The next step is the assembling. It may vary slightly depending on the manufacturers. After assembling, The time required for the whole manufacturing process also varies depending on the technology used by manufacturers.

Advantages of wooden bikes

● Comfortable – Wood is highly effective in absorbing the vibrations which occur while travelling through rough surfaces. Hence bikes made of wooden frames provide better comfort to riders.

● Easy to repair – Wooden bike manufacturers are of the opinion that wooden bikes are easy to repair when compared to metal bikes. Replacement of the parts is also easy. As they can be easily repaired, you do not have to worry about buying a new one if a part gets damaged or non-functional. You can simply repair or replace the part, and your bike is as good as before!

● Nature-friendly – A wooden bike connects the rider more with the nature than bikes made of other materials. Cycling reflects your love for nature, and when it is done using something made from nature, you get to enjoy the ultimate experience. Moreover, wooden bikes do not pose any threat to the environment as wood is easily degradable.

● Unique look – Wooden bikes look classy and elegant. The charm of wooden bikes cannot be seen in their metal counterparts.

Currently companies like Renovo, Connor, Coh & Co, Boomers International, etc. are the large-scale manufacturers of wooden bikes. However, the sales are not yet huge. The number of wooden bikes which are sold every year is very low. So, we cannot expect wooden bikes to rule roads in the near future. But this rarity makes wooden bikes even more special giving yet another reason for nature loving-cyclists to make it their prized possession!


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