The Deep Connection Between Athletes And Massages

A trained professional giving a massage to an athelete's calf muscle during massage therapy.

An athlete’s worst fear is getting injured and being unable to take to perform further. Injuries delay training and changing schedules during recovery from injuries can be difficult. However, the worst part of getting injured is getting through the pain. Athletes are normally highly physically active people. They find it very difficult to be restrained after an injury a with limited physical movement. If the recovery period is longer than usual, they might even start going through bouts of depression which might slow down the healing process thereby turning the whole process into a vicious cycle.

Massage therapy has been helping athletes with injuries for a long while now. In athletes, after a damaged tissue is done healing, it still gets taxed during training sessions. This can lead to a permanent condition which might hinder their performance in the long run. Athletes need to take good care of their body to prevent this from happening. Regular massages can help heal muscles faster and prevent injuries from becoming permanent to an extent. Biking or cycling athletes need to take extra care of the muscles in their thighs and calves and prevent the buildup of lactic acid in order to perform successfully at major events.

Massages come in different shapes and sizes. Deep tissue massage is one form of the massage were pressure is applied to the deeper muscles to help speed up the blood circulation, break down lactic acid and so much more. An increase in the number of mitochondria can help improve your performance as an athlete as it helps increase the rate of oxygen utilized by muscles. Interestingly, it has been observed that deep tissue massages help to increase the number of mitochondria even more than exercising. Hence cycling athletes will benefit many times over from going for regular massage sessions.

A massage therapist giving a massage to sportsman's knee during a physio session.Athletes need regular training to stay physically ready for their events. Biking athletes usually work out by going for biking everyday over different terrains. However, such a schedule can wear their bodies out. A full body massage is the best way to get them ready to jump back on the bike again the very next day. Experts recommend that cycling athletes go for massage sessions at least once a week to dislodge the knots and tension in their muscles.

Sports injuries are part and parcel of life for every athlete. However, athletes need to be able to recover from them quickly in order to completely fit physically before the next big event. Massages help to reduce the time lag between recovery and workouts, thereby speeding up the healing process. Massages are not partial to the injured areas alone. Specialized therapists work on the entire body of the athlete, paying equal attention to injured and uninjured areas. Experts recommend going for a massage session right before conditioning training as well as after the warm up session to help reduce the possibility of injuries as well.

Many young athletes make the mistake of assuming that the massage deals with only the physical aspect of the body. Nothing could be further from the truth. A massage by a qualified professional will increase the production of mood enhancing hormones in your body that can help combat stress and anxiety and make you feel well relaxed. An athlete needs to able to concentrate on their target in order to succeed in their chosen field. Regular massage sessions can help improve your concentration and focus skills, thereby bringing you closer to achieving your target.

Some athletes make the mistake of being overzealous and over training which exerts further pressure on their muscles and the underlying connective tissues. In such cases, you will notice that there is a limited effect of the muscle building. A full body massage can induce a relaxing effect on the muscles thereby putting into effect a sedative effect on the nervous system. Several professional spas offer specialized male-to-male massages that can help athletes recover from any injury and get back into shape very soon. Mr. Kevin, renowned Spa Therapist and a qualified Physiotherapist at one of the leading Spas in South India , talking about the effectiveness of Sports Massage quotes, “Sports massage helps you build muscle mass and gain flexibility by improving blood circulation to different parts of the body. The role of sports massage in boosting energy and maximising the efficiency of the sports person is unmatched.”


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